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Storm Fencing products are manufactured from the highest quality materials. Hot-dip galvanised steel is precisely heated to provide a galvanised substrate layer of protection. The steel is then powder coated.

The powder coated surface on Storm Fencing products is guaranteed under normal and proper usage against cracking, peeling, chipping, blistering or corroding for a period of 5 years from the purchase date. Physical damage, abrasion or exposure to salty environments are not considered normal and proper usage. The Storm Fencing framework is also guaranteed for 5 years against defects in workmanship or materials.

The following are excluded from the 5 year warranty:

The warranty does not apply to installations within 3km’s from the coastline, corrosion due to abnormal levels of aggressive chemicals or highly corrosive environments. This warranty does not cover aesthetic surface corrosion including fading and surface deposits.

This guarantee does not cover failure or damage due to improper use or application, soil or structural movement, natural disasters, fire, abuse or misuse, vandalism, war, negligence, failure to perform proper routine maintenance.

Upon acceptance of the claim by Storm, redemption by replacement or repair shall be made by Storm – materials only. The guarantee excludes coverage of possible direct and indirect costs.

Storm reserves the right to select the qualified company or individual to perform the labour to repair or replace the components that are deemed defective under the terms of this warranty.

Storm will not be liable for labour costs associated with the rectification of the affected product or any injury to persons, or damage to the property, or consequential losses arising from the use of our products.

The above terms constitute the comprehensive warranty by Storm Distribution, distributors of Storm Fencing. No other agreements, written or implied, are valid. Storm Fencing does not authorise any other person or agent to make any other express warranties.

Date of issue: 07/08/2019